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Police Update

April 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Well good news, I passed the written exam with an 88.3 and also passed the PT Test (Bench Press, Leg Press, Sit ups, Step Ups, and Obstacle Course). Also turned in my backgound booklet on 4/27. That was pretty nerve racking. I tried to write everything down that has ever happened to me. They seemed pretty strict about it. Although, they seem to be a bit preoccupied in who has smoked the reefer or not. Fortunatly for me I never have… hell I haven’t even smoked a cigarette. Other than that I’m wrapping up school, thank god. I refer to it as the nightmare that has intruded on my life for the past 4 yrs. I will try and give another update in a week or so if anything happens with Cobb County PD. *Crossing Fingers… again*


Starting off my blog…

April 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Well I decided to start a blog to vent, share ideas, my thoughts, what I’m doing etc. Quick overview of everything that is going on right now: Pretty much my life sucks. I am like borderline insane from school and these crap jobs. I am in final semester of college and I finally bit the bullet and told myself that I majored in the wrong thing. It actually felt good… I felt like I was trying to sell myself on living this fake life of a hospitality major. God it sucks, let me tell you. Hospitality is another word for glorified slave work. I have¬†worked¬†for the Atlanta Braves, Levy Restaurants, and now Ansley Golf Club. Every minute of those jobs is like absolute torcher. I honestly would rather punch myself in the face than work in hospitality, but it’s all I have for the time being and I need some cash to survive. Meanwhile, I have applied to Cobb County and Marietta Police Departments. I have always thought of being a police officer and once I began to research it seriously I was extremely excited about something related to my career in a very long time. Now that I’ve applied I am insanely excited about it and I can’t fully describe why. I just feel like it’s everything I want in a career and that it fits my personality. Freedom, discretion, decent pay, beautiful benefits, job security, arrest those who abuse the rules, protect those who obey, and best of all I don’t have to refill tea glasses anymore. There is a sense of pride and honor that comes along with it and I like that very much. Both Cobb and Marietta have been emailed that they have approved my application. Cobb has moved onto the next step and scheduled me for testing… I’m on my way hopefully out of the Hospitality World and into a career that I enjoy. I’m going to try to make a weekly post on here so stay tuned. Hopefully I will have some updates on the police thing. *Cross Fingers*