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GA’s Wonderful Roads

May 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Thought I would chime in and share with you about my most unfortunate event on I-85 Southbound traveling home from Duluth. I was bringing Whitney home from work and was traveling in the #2 lane when the car in the #3 lane struck a metal cylinder shaped object. The object then shot like a┬ámissile into my drivers mirror, then into my window, skidded along my window, and nipped my rear quarter panel as it fell to the ground. I had to call the insurance company today and file a claim. Also called the GA – DOT and filed a┬ácomplaint… get those sorry prisoners off their you know whats, put some humiliating jumpsuits on them, take them out there, and tell them to pick all that crap off the road. Better than them sitting around all day in air conditioning watching tax payer TV.

*UPDATE – I got $25o for this. That is just awesome… I pay over $1,800 in insurance a year and get $250 when something happens. So once again I have to dig into my pockets to not only pay those crooks but to fix my car. I love the insurance industry don’t you?

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