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Police Update

Well good news, I passed the written exam with an 88.3 and also passed the PT Test (Bench Press, Leg Press, Sit ups, Step Ups, and Obstacle Course). Also turned in my backgound booklet on 4/27. That was pretty nerve racking. I tried to write everything down that has ever happened to me. They seemed pretty strict about it. Although, they seem to be a bit preoccupied in who has smoked the reefer or not. Fortunatly for me I never have… hell I haven’t even smoked a cigarette. Other than that I’m wrapping up school, thank god. I refer to it as the nightmare that has intruded on my life for the past 4 yrs. I will try and give another update in a week or so if anything happens with Cobb County PD. *Crossing Fingers… again*

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